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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why you should always ask for a second shooter photographer for your wedding?

I just came back from a Bridal Show where I got this question a lot:  “Why do I need a second shooter?”  Also, I would hear this objection, a lot:  “My wedding is too small for two photographers”.  Here is a breakdown of reasons why you always will be better off with a second shooter for your wedding.

1. Telling the story.
You hire a professional photographer for many reasons, not the least of which is her experience, technical prowess, creativity and a winning personality, but also for her ability to see your story and capture it in a way that will speak to you and your future generations in all the art she and her team will create for you.  A story is made up of precious moments that a photographer’s eye catches continuously throughout your wedding day.  Moments happen to you, your partner and your friends and family, but they also happen to those reacting to them, simultaneously.  This is why to capture the whole story takes at least two photographers.  Can you imagine how much more powerful your albums or wall displays will be, when both sides of that moment are presented in a gorgeous layout?

2.       Time and Geographic Constraints.
 Often due to the location or venue time constraints, there is not enough time for one photographer to get to both locations for the getting ready photos.  The same can be true for covering the details you spent so much time picking out and designing.  When I am busy with the bridal party, my second shooter can more easily find a some time to get these detail shots, when the interval between the ceremony and the reception is too short, or when the venue does not allow the photographers advance set-up time before the wedding party arrives.
3. Combination of journalistic and classic portraiture.
In this day and age, everyone asks for a journalistic style photographer.  We understand what you are asking, but I am sure you don’t want every single photo to be the wedding party and guests looking silly while talking or eating their dinner.  I am sure what you mean is you want to preserve the feelings and emotions of the day, as well as planned and unexpected moments, showcasing the expressions of all those people that are most important to you.  This is best done in a combination of candid and classic portraiture.  Candids are just those photos taken when the guests or bride and groom don’t realize they are being photographed.  Classic portraiture doesn’t mean stogy, boring poses, however.  It just means arranging the wedding party group or the bride and groom in a way that makes them look and feel beautiful on the inside and the outside.  To get both, it often helps to have two photographers, as well.

4. Cover the tables.
Here is an argument for a larger wedding.  When you have a lot of guests, it does help to have two photographers to cover the merriment of most of the tables.  However, even in a smaller wedding, it is very difficult to cover the speeches journalistically, as well as the on-looking guests’ reactions with just one photographer.

5. Don’t miss any moments.
Last, but not least, we don’t want to miss any important moments.  Your professional wedding photographer will ask you for an order of important events and a schedule of the day to make sure to capture every moment.   However, though weddings are highly planned, they do bring out the unexpected in people because of all the fun and emotions they involve.  With two photographers covering the event, it is so much more likely that one of us would be on hand to capture that impromptu precious moment and then include it in your artistic story.

Well, there you have it.  Whether your wedding has 20 guests or 220, this photographer’s recommendation is always ask for a second shooter, and you will be happy that you did!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What to wear on a family or couples photo session in the mountains?


Guys often think that women overthink their clothes for a photo session, but what you wear can make a big difference in the experience you will have during your photoshoot and the appeal of the final outcome.

Here are a few factors to consider:
  • Color-coordinate the family or a couple.   Everyone wearing white shirts and blue jeans can work for some occasions, but is not necessary.  As long as everyone is wearing same color combinations, or complimentary colors, it will look good in the end.
  •  Style-coordinate the family or a couple.  If one of you is wearing a cocktail dress and the other is wearing jeans, it probably will look awkward.  Wear a similar style, as well as dress up level.
  • Stand out, but not clash or coordinate with the colors of your setting.  If your setting is golden fall colors, it would be best to wear other warm colors, rather than hot pink or purple. 
  • Style versus functionality at your decided photo session location.  If your photo session requires climbing somewhere or walking through deep snow, wear shoes that a practical and for the ladies, make sure if you wear a skirt that it allows you movement.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Power to See and Touch Will Help You Choose Your Wedding Photographer

You are getting married!!!!  Congratulations.  Now you, your fiancĂ©(e) and one or both families have to come together to plan the most important day of your life, your wedding.  What a beautiful and memorable affair it will be!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, which is why you want everything to be just the way you dreamed about it.  You pick out your perfect venue, the lovely floral arrangements, the music, your invitations and of course the dress, the tux, or whatever look you desire!  However, the one thing that will matter most for years to come is your photographer.  Don't have your friend or uncle take the pictures!   Get to know and hire a professional photographer because that album and those wall displays are what you will have along with your memories, for the rest of your life.

When I say get to know your photographer, I don’t only mean meet her in person, but also make an appointment and come to her office or go to a wedding expo and bridal show and have her show you some print samples she can make for you.  Your professional photographer should be collaborating with a professional lab and can design and produce some spectacular products you didn’t even know existed.  Your photos are art work that you will look at and display in your home, and the mood and feeling they render can change dramatically based on the type of print your photographer will create for you.  These are no longer just framed photo paper prints. Meet with your photographer and look at all the different samples, and don’t be afraid to touch them.  The quality and texture of these printed mediums will amaze you.  You can have anything from a small maple wood print on a coffee table, evoking a warm and nostalgic, country setting; to a giant, modern and elegant cluster of metal prints, floating up your staircase wall, leaving no head unturned; to a luxurious texture rich, real canvas triptych as a centerpiece of your living room.  Of course, there are also the albums.  These finished books, designed by your photographer tell a complete story of your wedding day through grand and private moments that you will want to look back on for years to come.  Done right, the album style, design and the photos within help you relive that very special day the way you intended, and to bring it to life for future generations.  The choices are only limited by your photographer’s creativity.  When you get to know your photographer, see where she draws her inspiration and if her style matches your vision.

One sure way to get to know your wedding photographer is to hire her for you engagement photos.  Since I feel so strongly about this, I am offering all engaged couples a FREE ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION!!!  This photoshoot is a great opportunity for you to get to know me and my work, and to make your save-the-date cards.  The way this works is that you book me for the engagement photo shoot, and then if you end up booking me for your wedding, as well, the engagement booking fee gets subtracted from your final wedding booking fee payment.  In other words, it becomes FREE!!!  You can find me on my website, where you can see more of my work and what inspires me.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What to Do on a Ski and Snowboard Vacation in Vail

You’ve made your reservations, purchased your tickets in advance, packed your whole family and are ready and excited for a weeklong trip in Vail!  You are the envy of all your friends.  You can’t wait to hit the slopes the very next day.  Your family skies their hearts out, everything from the front mountain shoots, to the expansive back bowls.  You have your “discussion” about what is Siberia Bowl and what is Mongolia Bowl, sharing your adventures with one another over a delicious dinner in one of Vail Village’s gourmet restaurants.  Before you know it, day three roles around and you bought a 5 out 7 day ski pass, but it occurs to you that you made absolutely no plans for the non-ski days.  Well, here are some suggestions of fun things to do that don’t require ski boots.

For those with plenty of energy left and who don’t want a highly advised rest break, there is always ice skating outside in the lovely settings of the Solaris in Vail Village and the grand backdrops of the Arabelle in Lionshead Village.  You can rent skates on site in both locations.  For the speed demons, there are evening adventures in Vail’s downhill tubing at the top of Eagle Bahn Gondola out of Lionshead Village.  Of course, you could always try out some snowshoeing in East Vail, losing track of time among large snow covered spruces and pines, and maybe even spotting a deer or a snowshoe hare along the way.  No, really, those are hare tracks, tail and all, but you can snap a photo of them and tell all your friends back home that you were tracking Bigfoot!

For the family members who wish for a more relaxing day off, Vail is home to many luxurious spas, and some pretty high end shopping.  You can spend the day being pampered and treated like royalty, as you very well deserve for organizing this memorable trip and mobilizing the whole family.

Speaking of memorable trips, here is an activity for the whole family.  If you are having so much fun, why not use your day off to preserve those memories in something you can have back home with you, forever.  Schedule a photo session with a professional photographer, outside.  Your family can enjoy themselves now, and have these photos to look at for years to come.  Your local professional photographers are not afraid of the snow. In fact they love it, which is probably why they live here.  They will follow you on the mountain, or take you to a gorgeous local spot to capture your family at their best, enjoying everything Vail has to offer.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is a good opportunity to take advantage of bargains. If you don’t want a full session, you can schedule a mini-session when they are available. This photographer is doing them on Friday February 12th by the river in Riverwalk, in Edwards.  It’s not looking to be a powder day on the slopes, and so a good time for some pre-Valentine’s Day fun with your sweetheart or family, off the mountain.  Just remember to book your photographer in advance so you can have the best possible experience.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Early ‎Fall Colors‬ Are Starting to Show in Colorado's High Country

     As August comes to an end, we are starting to see some hints of fall arrive in Colorado’s High Country.  For all of you not ready to say goodbye to the summer, don’t worry,  I am only talking about the occasional fall colors popping up around Vail and the surrounding mountains.  The daytime temperatures are still warm, but the cooler evenings are crisp and nostalgic, suggestive of the next season around the corner.  This is one of the best times in Colorado.  All of you who have made plans to come to Vail or Beaver Creek or any other gorgeous Rocky Mountain destination, this is the time to plan your outdoor activities.  Of course while mountain biking, hiking and rafting are still on most families’ and couples’ agenda, think different and why not capture the stunning gold and red colors with your loved ones in a two hour photo session.  It’s the kind of souvenir you won’t end up tossing in a drawer, but will love to show off, forever.  What better way to relive one of your favorite trips many times to come.  If your dog is along for the adventure, bring your pet with you.  You’ll be glad you did.  Your photoshoot can end up as a wall collection in your home or a calendar to send out to friends and family, or anything else you and your photographer can dream up.  For all of you newly engaged couples, nothing beats the mountain backdrops of September for your save-the-date cards or announcements.  Your local mountain photographer will strap on her hiking boots and backpack and follow you anywhere you wish with her camera equipment to capture your happy moments for you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vail Wedding: If you don't like the weather, wait a minute...

An outdoor wedding in Vail, Colorado is a dream for many a couple.  This is exactly what Amy and Brooks had planned on July 11, 2015, to exchange their vows in a lovely ceremony by the creek in The Sonnenalp Hotel’s creekside garden.  Everything was set.  The bride was getting ready in a spacious two story condo suite at the hotel, while the staff were setting up the chairs.  Then, a thunderstorm hit.  Of course there was a back-up plan for the ceremony to be set in the glass covered terrace of Ludwig’s restaurant, but the groom had his heart set on the outdoor venue. As the saying goes in the Rocky Mountains, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”.  More precisely, thirty minutes is all it took for the storm to pass and with it came the glistening drops on the leaves and a dewy crisp sweetness of the after rain summer aroma of the garden.  

The ceremony was framed by 100 guests, flowing creek and the angelic rendition of Schubert’s Ave Maria.  For the reception, the guests and family moved to Ludwig’s.  The ethereal feeling of the spacious terrace covered in glass was contrasted by the old world dramatic, yet cozy feel of the restaurant’s sunroom affording the best of both worlds for the guests’ dining experience.    

The dancing and speeches brought on laughter and happy tears as the couple celebrated with their friends and family into the night.

Wishing the couple joy and many good years to come with their already large and loving family.